Hey Cairns Music Lovers

We can’t wait to see all you awesome people again in Cairns in October / November

Here are our tour dates so far…

Saturday, 30th September – Calypso Backpackers – 7.30pm 

Sunday, 1st October – Resonate @ The Grand Hotel 

Saturday, 21st October – Calypso Backpackers – 7.30pm

Saturday 28th October – The Bluewater Bar & Grill  – 2pm

Sunday 29th October – The Jack – 7.30pm

Saturday 11th November – Elixir Tapas Bar – 7.30pm

Saturday 18th November – Calypso Backpackers – 7.30pm

Super excited for our upcoming physical CD launch at Elixir Tapas Bar on Friday night!

Rehearsals are in full swing with Luke Fenech joining us on drums. Luke has already lived up to his name as one of Cairns best. Awesome to have him on board!

We are also really happy to welcome Mitchell Callander to the line up on heavy and lead guitars and Aaron Vella on Bass. These two long term friends have been a part of our journey over the years and it’s really cool to have them join us on stage for this special occasion.

The show kicks off at 7:30pm with 3 sets of acoustic material before we showcase the EP tracks and a few new originals for the final set from 10:30pm.

We will also cover some Pink Floyd tracks as well as our own rendition of Tear Drop by Massive Attack!

Physical CD’s will be available on the night!

If you love live music please come and check it out and bring ya friends too 🙂


Kian and Cally

Secret Solis


Between sold out tours of Australia and Canada in 2016, Jeff Martin (The Tea Party) invited Secret Solis to record their debut EP, Deep Down at River House Studios near Byron Bay. The result being an EP of Indie folk / rock anthems, the tracks resonating with both Led Zeppelin’s driving acoustic rock and the ethereal ballads of Pink Floyd. Jeff’s eastern palette adds an eclectic flavour to the Deep Down EP that is reminiscent of his early albums with The Tea Party, as in Splendor Solis and Edges of Twilight.

Secret Solis was formed in 2012 when Cairns based singer/songwriter, Kian Eder met Cally Pysden, a pianist and singer/songwriter from Adelaide. Before meeting Cally, Kian’s music was heavily influenced by bands like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Tea Party and A Perfect Circle and acoustic / rock cross-over artists like Ben Harper. Collaborating with Cally added a new dimension to Kian’s vision, elevating the music to new heights with her soaring ethereal vocals the likes of Enya, Dido, Sia and Amy-Lee. Enter Jeff Martin as producer and musician using production techniques straight out of Jimmy Page’s playbook, and you have a special magic happening in the mix.

Jeff Martin agreed to produce the band after hearing only a few seconds of their demo, ‘Speechless Soul’, and the rest is history. Jeff plays all the heavy guitars including some amazing solos, hurdy gurdy and synths including his boutique Theremin. He also sings on the bands debut single, ‘Sunshine’ (out now on iTunes).

Buy Now – Sunshine @ iTunes

Buy Now – Sunshine @ iTunes

Secret Solis’ EP Deep Down, produced by Jeff Martin, will be launched on the 16th of June 2017, with a European tour to follow. The duo is excited to collaborate with European world and rock musicians to create their ultimate full-band line up for future shows.

The duo are currently seeking expressions of interest from labels, management, booking agencies, marketing companies and musicians to take this newly defined sound to the next level.