“Epic, entrancing, soul-quenching music that transports you to another place” – Sky Rixon (Owner, Elixir Music Bar, Cairns)

Secret Solis invites you into their ethereal soundscape where you will lose yourself amidst their haunting vocal melodies, fat beats and catchy hooks. You will be immersed in a fusion of live and electronic elements blending Indie, Trip-Hop, Trance and World music to create a fresh but somehow nostalgic musical experience. 

Influnces include: Pink Floyd, The Tea Party, led Zeppelin, Massive Attack, Zero 7, London Gramma, Trent Reznor, A Perfect Circle, Prodigy and Shpongle.

Secret Solis will launch their new album, Little Secret in March 2020. 

“Beautiful, warm and rich vocal harmonies. Makes me feel like crying, dancing and laughing. These guys really have something” – James Sanger (U2, The Cure, Sinead O’Connor)

Secret Solis’ songs range from reflective down-tempo to heart thumping, foot stomping dance music. 

“Seriously world-class performances”- Andrew Brassett (The Brassett Hounds)